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More United Than Divided Scarf by YARA+DAVINA

More United Than Divided Scarf by YARA+DAVINA

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More United Than Divided Scarves, by YARA + DAVINA

Artists YARA + DAVINA have designed these scarves with the National Trust, 2 female football teams; Bolden Girls and Brentford FC, fans and locals, across the north and south of England.  Playing on the word United; a term rooted in football culture, the phrase also refers to the late MP Jo Cox’s inaugural speech in parliament in which she said “ We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” 

“Team scarves first appeared in Britain in the early 1900s and were hand knitted by loved ones (usually mums and grannies). Fans needed them to keep warm on freezing terraces in the dead of winter but they soon became more than that; they became a symbol of belonging, to a team but also to a larger community. We see our football scarf as a symbol of belonging to an idea, a tribe, seeing a collective empowerment in wearing our united team scarves.” YARA + DAVINA

Product information: Acrylic, 60 Inches.  

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