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Picking Sides

Picking Sides - Large Framed Prints

Picking Sides - Large Framed Prints

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These prints are a unique collection of Pop Art portraits of key figures in the history of football. Each of them comes with an edition number (limited availability only) and is signed by the artist, Bernard Kelly.

The prints available are the following (please, select yours from the drop down menu):

  • First Among Equals: celebrating the black players in English football
  • Last Full English: this depicts Manchester City in season 1967-68, the last side to have a starting eleven made only of English players
  • Club and Country: these are the faces of that amazing 1966 England that brought it home
  • The Invincibles: the 2003/04 Arsenal squad that won without being beaten 
  • Belgrade ‘58: a print that remembers a mighty and forever in our thought Manchester United
  • In a League of Their Own: portraits of the founding 12 clubs that started the Football League in 1888
  • Blue is The Colour: this is a print depicting the Chelsea that won the 1970 FA Cup Final

This painting is part of a series called “Picking Sides” by artist Bernard Kelly. In their words this artwork aims at putting 'our national game centre stage and acknowledges some of the teams, players and managers who’ve left their mark on the history of the English game. All done in a style that owes more to “Roy of the Rovers” than Roy Lichtenstein'.

Details: The painting comes in a black frame and it measures 60cmx43cmx2cm.

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