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The Sculpts

The Sculpts - The Manchester Tile Letter M - Manchester

The Sculpts - The Manchester Tile Letter M - Manchester

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As a warehousing and manufacturing city, Manchester’s architecture has always been a central part of its character and relationship with the world. Today, as the modern glass and steel is increasingly enmeshed with time-worn red bricks, it tells a story all its own.

Rendered in our distinctive pen and ink style, the M Tiles captures this story, juxtaposing old and new, the familiar and the not so familiar. Look closely and you’ll see cathedrals of leisure and consumption jostling alongside historic splendour, an edgy eclecticism assembled from the classical and the modern.

Each M Tile is designed here in Manchester then screen printed and hand-rolled in the UK’s ceramic heartland Stoke-on-Trent, before returning for firing in local kilns. A fitting end for a quintessentially Mancunian statement.

Material: Ceramic
Production: Screen printed
Size: 6in x 6in.

This product is carefully created by The Sculpts.

The Sculpts is a decorative homeware and lifestyle accessories brand born in Manchester. Brainchild of illustrator and architect Richard Bennett, The Sculpts creates surreal yet soulful designs that pay homage to industrial spirit, cultural icons and creative hedonism of the city and its surrounds.


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