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The Women's Football Magazine

The Women's Football Magazine - Edition: July 2023

The Women's Football Magazine - Edition: July 2023

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Featuring interviews including Jayde Rivière, Courtney Brosnan (and more!), your preview to the tournament, a pull out wall chart and so much more!

    About the magazine

    By Helen Rowe-Willcocks

    'I was that girl who chose to spend Tuesdays and Saturdays wearing a football scarf, shouting tactics to the Tangerine Army along with my Mum and Dad. I was the girl who wasn't bothered about what people thought when I practised hockey, cricket, and ballet. And I was that girl who didn't like feeling out of place at work, in a sport where I'd grown up feeling at home.

    As a Sports Journalist in a male-dominated world, I relate to feeling on the sidelines in more ways than I should in the 21st century which is why, in April 2017, I launched The Women's Football Magazine - a platform to give women's football, and all the players, supporters and fans, the voice they deserve. A place where the beautiful game is covered from grassroots to the home nations for its ever increasing fan base.

    What started as a 30-page monthly digital issue has grown to a 90-page spread with global coverage and exclusive interviews. Using the incredible talent (and patience) of Will Ibbetson, our Web Developer, and a whole team of dedicated writers, we're raising the profile of women's football one issue at a time.

    We're currently offering a free trial to the magazine, which gives you access to our latest issue, plus archived articles and exclusive content.

    Thank you for supporting women's football.'


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