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Burnley, Champions Again! : The Astonishing 2022/23 season with Vincent Kompany

Burnley, Champions Again! : The Astonishing 2022/23 season with Vincent Kompany

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Burnley, Champions Again! tells the story of the incredible promotion season that Vincent Kompany inspired and organised at Burnley FC. At the end of season 2021/22 the club found themselves relegated and managerless. With players wanting to leave, the club needing to sell them and fans worried the owners might decide to desert a sinking ship, the future looked bleak.But the worries were unfounded.

Vincent Kompany was brought in as manager. He spoke of promotion being a three- or four-year project. As existing players left in droves, their replacements were drafted in from the continent - some bought, others joining on loan.

But doubts lingered. The newcomers were unknowns, and some of the departing players were big names.The change in playing style was immediate - a transformation - and Burnley fans were wide-eyed with awe at the stunning possession-based football. The start was slow, but as the wins and points stacked up Burnley clinched an inconceivable top-flight return at the end of a magical season.
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