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Klopp - My Liverpool Romance

Klopp - My Liverpool Romance

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The fact that Anthony Quinn is a Red and he shows enough passion for the game and the club gives the book additional value... Can I recommend it to other Liverpool fans? Yes, because it's interesting and you won't be bored for a second. If you find it in your closest bookstore, take the risk and spend a few pounds on it...Trust me, there's no risk. -- LFC History Blog

Both informative and emotive, there's plenty to sink your teeth into in this distinctive look at a manager who has forged a long-lasting legacy everywhere he has hung his hat. -- This is Anfield

Grounded in solid Scouse fandom . . . Klopp appears almost obscenely charming -- honest, intelligent, sensible and funny -- in Anthony Quinn's revealing billet-doux. -- Spectator

Quinn's writing shows what immense capacity for care and love men can have. Liverpool, the most un-English of all England's footballing cities, legitimises love beyond reason, and as long as that is true, books like this will be written: pages and pages of love. -- New Statesman

Quinn strikes a balance as someone who knows what he's talking about, yet also knows there is more to life than football. -- i Newspaper

Immensely readable . . . Klopp isn't just for Liverpool, Quinn writes in his final pages. He is for all of us. I reckon this book can be too. -- Hannah Jane Parkinson

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