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One Shilling : The Football Programme Design Revolution of 1965-85

One Shilling : The Football Programme Design Revolution of 1965-85

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One Shilling: The Football Programme Design Revolution of 1965-85 is the first-ever exploration into this golden era of football programme design, featuring remarkable eye-sizzling covers and layouts which are a departure from the previous conventions of imagery for the trusty football programme. The football programme has been an ever-present staple of the national game since Victorian times. Passionate artists and typesetters designing printed programmes for match goers, but unlike the fashion or music industries, the names behind the artworks for these pocket-money priced matchday publications were often uncredited or ignored.

Until now. At its heart, this is the story of John Elvin, the greatest football programme designer, who massacred the formal code of lay-outs, blew-up typefaces and used photos beyond the imaginable. One Shilling also explores the wider cultural and political backstory of British football over a transformative two decades from England'ss World Cup victory in 1966, and looking forward, champions the potential of a new era for programme design.
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