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Out of the Wilderness : A Director's Life at Burnley FC

Out of the Wilderness : A Director's Life at Burnley FC

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Former Burnley FC director Clive Holt brings us the inside track on his 35 years at the club in a compelling memoir chock-full of anecdotes and previously untold stories. Every committee or boardroom needs someone who can ask awkward questions and see what might be coming around the next corner. Clive was that man at Burnley FC.

Wherever Burnley were playing, he rarely missed a match, whether those dreadful games of the old Fourth Division when Burnley were in the doldrums, or the heady afternoons at Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge or the Emirates in the Premier League. Clive's knowledge of the workings of Burnley was encyclopaedic, and as company secretary he knew exactly what was going on throughout the club. He left the board in 2020 when Burnley were bought by the American company ALK, but continues to attend games with a devotion that has never wavered.
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