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Reign of the Lionesses : How European Glory Changed Women's Football in England

Reign of the Lionesses : How European Glory Changed Women's Football in England

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Acclaimed author Carrie Dunn, one of the most respected voices in women's football, brings us a unique insight into a fast-growing and massively popular sport at a crucial moment. This is the third book in Dunn's popular series exploring the women's football pyramid. The Lionesses' famous triumph, beating old rivals Germany at Wembley to become European champions, gave them a platform to call on the world to do better when it comes to women's football - to give girls equal opportunities to boys, and to lift up inspiring female role models.

But was it too little too late? While Women's Super League matches sold out if they could guarantee a gold-medal-winning Lioness, the rest of the pyramid still had their own challenges to face. From training pitches to home stadia, from sponsorship to electricity bills, women all over England continued to fight a battle that had been going on for more than a century - to be treated as footballers, not second-class citizens. This is the story of the season after the summer before.
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