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The Great Uncrowned : Football's Most Celebrated Losers

The Great Uncrowned : Football's Most Celebrated Losers

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The Great Uncrowned: Football's Most Celebrated Losers is the story of football's ultimate bridesmaids, those clubs that were good enough to win the major prizes but, for various reasons, didn't. In an age when victory is all too often viewed as the be all and end all, this book celebrates the teams that were beaten by bad luck, limited resources or an outstanding set of players. From early 20th-century runners-up from Lancashire and Wales to flamboyant teams from Europe and South America, near-misses can be found anywhere in the world.

Some have been forgotten, pushed aside by the elitist nature of modern football. Others have passed into history and are rarely revisited. As well as reviving the exploits of great players and impressive teams, The Great Uncrowned also provides context around the development and social position of each side and asks if football needs a structure that provides more winners and fewer losers.
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