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The Unbelievable Football Trivia Book : Facts, Stats, Jokes, Quizzes and More

The Unbelievable Football Trivia Book : Facts, Stats, Jokes, Quizzes and More

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The ultimate football trivia book full of unbelievable football facts, superstar stats, laugh-out-loud jokes and quick-fire quizzes. Have you heard of:- The highest-scoring professional football match, which ended a whopping 149-0?- The busy-bee footballer who played for both the Welsh national team and Bayern Munich in the same day?- The joke about the magician who played football? She loved hat-tricks!- The weirdest footballing phrases? - The craziest match stats from the game in which every player got sent off? If not, get ready to encounter the best, the worst, the funniest, the most impressive and the downright strangest trivia from the wonderful world of football. From Haaland and Henderson to Mbappe and Messi, discover something new on every page.

Written by Matt Oldfield, the bestselling author of the Unbelievable Football and Football Heroes series. Includes stats, facts, jokes and quizzes.
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