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The Unofficial World Cup Album : A Poorly Illustrated Incomplete History

The Unofficial World Cup Album : A Poorly Illustrated Incomplete History

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The greatest moments in sporting history in inglorious technicolour, from the 'artists' known as NO SCORE DRAWS 'Genuinely upsetting.' David Squires 'Repulsively ugly.' Seamas O'Reilly An Unofficial World Cup Hall of Infamy, featuring the worst fouls, best goals, most questionable refereeing decisions, dodgiest barnets, mintest kits and a host of 'Where were you when?' moments. This is the first (and, let's face it, probably only) book from the multi-untalented team behind moderately successful Twitter account @CheapPanini, bringing mild bemusement to the world through the medium of wonky hand-drawn stickers. You can't fault them for effort, even if they still can't do hands, so dive into these pages like Roy Keane into a tackle.

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