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The Women's Football Magazine - Edition: April 2024

The Women's Football Magazine - Edition: April 2024

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Featuring interviews with Grace Clinton, Emma Harries, Annabelle Tang and features on the future of coaching, players to watch out for and the best young players of the moment.

About the magazine

By Helen Rowe-Willcocks

'I was that girl who chose to spend Tuesdays and Saturdays wearing a football scarf, shouting tactics to the Tangerine Army along with my Mum and Dad. I was the girl who wasn't bothered about what people thought when I practised hockey, cricket, and ballet. And I was that girl who didn't like feeling out of place at work, in a sport where I'd grown up feeling at home.

As a Sports Journalist in a male-dominated world, I relate to feeling on the sidelines in more ways than I should in the 21st century which is why, in April 2017, I launched The Women's Football Magazine - a platform to give women's football, and all the players, supporters and fans, the voice they deserve. A place where the beautiful game is covered from grassroots to the home nations for its ever increasing fan base.

What started as a 30-page monthly digital issue has grown to a 90-page spread with global coverage and exclusive interviews. Using the incredible talent (and patience) of Will Ibbetson, our Web Developer, and a whole team of dedicated writers, we're raising the profile of women's football one issue at a time.

We're currently offering a free trial to the magazine, which gives you access to our latest issue, plus archived articles and exclusive content.

Thank you for supporting women's football.'


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