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The Wonder Team and the Pharaoh’s Fortune : An exciting adventure through time

The Wonder Team and the Pharaoh’s Fortune : An exciting adventure through time

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The Wonder Team and the Pharaoh's Fortune is the second book in the bestselling time-twisting adventure series from Leah Williamson, captain of the Euros-winning England team! Written with author Jordan Glover and illustrated by Robin Boyden. It’s time to kick off an adventure with the Wonder Team!When Leah and her friends are magically transported to Egypt, they realize they've also been taken back in time – they're stuck in the year 1900! And, even worse, their school bully has somehow travelled back with them!But when they meet Khalid and his aunt Amina, an Egyptian archaeologist who's on an expedition to discover a mythical amulet, Leah and her friends are excited to join the hunt. With a mysterious figure working to sabotage Amina, The Wonder Team will have to work together to uncover the clues and dodge booby traps as they search for the pharaoh’s treasure.

Can they solve the mystery before time runs out, or will the secret of the pyramids stay hidden forever?

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